Garleypin store prioritizes your privacy, making online safety our utmost concern. To keep you informed, offer an array of quality products, and provide effective customer service, we log information during your site visit. We take privacy and security seriously and want to elucidate the policies in place to safeguard your personal information. Access to this information is restricted to specific staff members and is consistently safeguarded.

We employ industry-standard methods, including data encryption, to protect your data as legally required or necessary for your safety. This provides a secure browsing environment, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. Personal information is secured both physically and through technical means. It is not authorized to leave the premises without prior permission. Collected information may include your registered email, password, gender, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, email address, credit/debit or other card numbers, date and time, browser and operating system information, and the URL you request.

Additionally, we may inquire about your country of residence and/or your organization’s country of operation to comply with relevant laws. This information aids in billing, order processing, and internal marketing promotions, helping us understand and communicate regarding your orders.

Use of Information

We use your personal information to manage orders and provide detailed customer service. Under no circumstances do we sell or rent your data. Your information may be used within the company to log general site visits, improve content, increase outreach, and promote products and services. It is also utilized to correspond directly with you regarding site updates and your placed orders.

A confirmation email is sent after registration, and service-related messages may be forwarded for necessary updates or site maintenance. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may receive alerts for products, features, special offers, contests, events, and marketing promotions. To unsubscribe, follow the link in the email or contact customer service.

Third-Party Involvement

Third-party service providers may be used for tasks like package delivery and credit card processing. Information may be disclosed if required by law or during a company merger or acquisition. Details shared with third parties are solely for service provision, such as presenting information to courier services for order delivery.

Credit Card Information

Credit card details are provided to financial service organizations for payment processing. We ensure protection through current and legal data encryption methods. Legal obligations may require disclosure under court orders or law enforcement investigations.

Privacy Notice Updates

We adhere to our policy of not selling or trading personal information. However, in cases of merger, acquisition, or asset disposal, your information may be transferred, subject to a Privacy Notice. Non-identifying information may be shared with third parties for analytical purposes.

To keep you informed, we notify of any changes or updates to the Privacy Notice on this site. For further questions, contact our customer service. If you want more information, visit the Customer Service Center or email [email protected]. Additional charges are beyond our responsibility; contact your bank for details.

For detailed queries on our Privacy Policy, contact us via [email protected].